Mousetrap® Steel

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Light years ahead of the traditional butcher's steel, the Mousetrap® Steel has been used for years in meatpacking and poultry processing plants to restore and maintain sharp edges. Maintaining a sharp edge is critical to these plants. We now have the same system, the Mousetrap® Steel, available for everyone. Whether you are a chef, culinary student, sportsman or if you simply take you knife edges seriously, the Mousetrap® Steel is for you. Unlike the traditional butcher's steel which requires years to master, the Mousetrap® Steel has the precision and control already built-in making it foolproof. You will be able to bring a damaged knife edge back to peak proficiency with only two strokes. Three steels work in unison, providing proper angle and pressure, allowing you to restore and maintain the sharpest edge possible more quickly and accurately than any other steeling device on the market 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The results obtained from the Mousetrap® Steel have made this tool demanded within the meat and poultry industry. Don't be fooled by imitations!

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