Ultimate Professional Kit

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ATTENTION: CEO, Master Chef, Big Game Hunter, Trophy Fishermen!

Our top of the line Ultimate Professional Kit was created with you in mind. This is a sharpening system you will be pleased to use and proud to display. The oak storage box, handcrafted right here in Minnesota, contains everything you need for achieving a perfect edge - the first and every time.

The handcrafted oak box contains:

  • Razor Edge Book of Sharpening
  • Razor Edge Guide (for blades longer than 3 1/2")
  • Cub Guide (for blades 3 1/2" and shorter)
  • 8" Coarse Hone
  • 8" Super Ultra Fine Hone
  • Razor Edge Edge Tester
  • Raz-R-Steel
  • Razor Edge Basic Knife Sharpening DVD
  • Instructions - Safety Pads - Wrenches